In December of 2008, 30 regional leaders came together while still hurting from the devastating floods and agreed that there needed to be three strategic imperatives: achieve full flood recovery; develop and implement a regional brand; and develop and implement a regional economic development strategy.  The first two have been completed, but not the third. So, to this end, the region is ready to embark upon the process of creating a comprehensive community and economic development strategy.

A diverse Steering Committee representing all aspects of Iowa’s Creative Corridor will guide this process and ensure that it lays the foundation that allows individuals and businesses in the region to thrive. The strategy process will build on regional strengths, preserve local identity, and add value to the existing efforts of individual organizations throughout the region. 

Market Street Services, a national community and economic development firm based in Atlanta, will help facilitate this strategic planning process. Market Street’s staff has worked with clients in 34 states and more than 160 communities throughout the country to devise measurable, achievable strategies, and clarify what is needed organizationally to successfully implement those strategies.